Easy and simple product image cut out tool

New tool in Store Commander: product image cutting out tool, easy and fast!

Standard process: images are worked on with an image cut out software. You then need to integrate them again on the corresponding products in your backoffice: tedious!

With the new tool in Store Commander, you just need to draw 2 lines on the image, and that's it! The image is cut out with realtime rendering thanks to a clever formula done on a remote server.

1 click and the image is updated on the product page: a massive time saver!

How does it work?

Once a few Fizz had been added to your wallet (Fizz is Store Commander's new currency), select the image you need to work on: a new interface pops up and in seconds you can cut out the image, choose a background color, add a projected shadow...

Your Fizz wallet will be debited of 0.20 Fizz (the equivalent of 0.20 euros) upon the cut out validation.

This is about the most complete cutting out service, the cheapest and the fastest in the e-Commerce world!

How can I add Fizz to my wallet?