Christian, a digital marketing fan


Christian joined the Store Commander team a little over a year ago to bring a commercial and marketing perspective to the various e-commerce projects. This was a new world to him, but he’s found ways there to constantly create new opportunities.


Let’s take a look at Christian’s background. To conclude his excellent Business Studies course at Kedge Business School in Bordeaux, he went on to do a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Economics and Management in the UK under the Erasmus scheme. With qualifications under his belt, he began his career at IBM Infrastructure, a company specialising in computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS). It was here that he took on the role of Strategic Economic Intelligence Consulting with the task of detecting new market opportunities in Europe. He then became a commercial agent for a design office and managed telecommunications costs, followed by Corporate Departmental Commercial Advisor for a large professional social security group. His grassroots experience and direct contact with business leaders complemented his initial training, providing him with a double perspective: marketing and trade.


You joined Store Commander in April 2016

Christian Alvarez: I was based in Poitiers and wanted to explore the digital world, so I looked into this sector. I was unfamiliar with e-commerce but it’s a fascinating world which is extremely rich in innovation and opportunities.


What are your responsibilities at Store Commander?

Christian Alvarez: I have lots! And that’s just what I like. Store Commander is a growing company which is constantly developing new tools. My role is to bring a fresh perspective to the job with more marketing and less of a technical focus. The role of the marketer is to be involved in the outcome stage, by identifying market trends, bringing new ideas and proposing development leads. I constantly look at how future projects will be. What makes it even more interesting is that Vincent Millet, the founder of Store Commander, always plays a part.


What are the main axes of innovation at Store Commander?

Christian Alvarez: Store Commander is the best known commercial brand. But I’d prefer to talk about the projects at “Mise En Prod,” the publishing company that develops all e-commerce activities. Mise En Prod recently released the tool, a software solution that retains the main features of Store Commander which have made it a success – a fast, simple interface – while also being usable for technologies other than PrestaShop. Thanks to APIRUNRUN, users of WooCommerce and WordPress (and soon Magento, Shopify and YouTube) can now improve their back-office management.


How do you communicate with your target clientele?

Christian Alvarez: Every month, we send out a newsletter, we run a blog and we are very present on social networks, of course. It must be said that Store Commander is very much liked by its customers. We also disseminate information to the press. We regularly attend all specialist events and in September, for the first time, we will have a stand at the e-commerce show at Paris Retail Week. A great deal of thought goes into giving personalised responses which are adapted to merchants’ problems, always with the aim of making their life easier and allowing them to increase their ROI, but this market is unique: it can be difficult to get answers from them because they’re very busy with everyday life. So, it’s up to us to communicate regularly to establish ourselves in their business as an information resource and a provider of solutions. We want to create a real exchange between e-merchants and us, so we can enrich our proposals with their experiences even more and consequently best meet their requirements.



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