When Store Commander develops its e-visibility


Creating powerful back-office management tools is all well and good, but telling others about them is better! In recent months, our team has expanded with the arrival of a community manager. The aim is to invest in social networks to raise awareness of Store Commander.


We decided to prove wrong the adage “the cobbler’s children are always the worst-shod”. Since our core business is the web, we need a faultless digital strategy! That’s why we employed Nicolas Rivet in late 2015, a young community manager with twofold expertise in web marketing and graphics. Not only does Nicolas manage all our social media accounts, but he also creates visuals for web campaigns.


Social media strategy: where to begin?

Like many of our e-commerce customers, we had a Facebook page and one or two other accounts, but not really a coordinated strategy. Nicolas put things straight: “One of my first tasks was to streamline all accounts by deleting those no longer in use, investing in new networks and aligning graphics. Then we looked at our editorial strategy – the frequency of posts, the content of messages and their dissemination in various media. This groundwork is essential to effectively communicate on the web”. 


Store Commander now manages its e-visibility through multiple channels:


- The blog, backed by the site: the watchword here is “storytelling”. The idea is to share experiences through interviews with e-merchants, catch up on the latest online trends, share our tips and tricks, and lastly to get to know the Store Commander team and your contacts better. The article about Sonia, in customer support, was very successful, for example!


- Monthly newsletters. These are widely circulated in French and English, and go back to blog articles, focus on specific products or Store Commander features, or offer promotional codes.


- Facebook pages, one in French, one in English. This is an excellent chance to chat with our customers and make us known to web agencies that may become future business partners. Appointments are a firm fixture, and include “Monday support” for those wishing to explore a particular feature of the Store Commander modules for PrestaShop, or “Learn with Sonia,” which furthers the training offered by Store Commander.


- Twitter accounts: here too, there is a French version and an English version. This is an essential network to be in contact with the world of e-commerce.


- Finally, on professional social networks, we have chosen to have a French account on Viadeo and an account in English on LinkedIn.


“What’s appealing about these different media is that you can have multiple editorial approaches,” explains Nicolas Rivet. “I do around four posts a week, combining all media. This may involve information about new features or updates, demo videos, interviews or feature articles. I also reply to comments or questions from our customers and I keep up with our partners’ news”.


Thank you, Mr Follower

Doing posts is not enough to have a social media strategy. You need to be pro-active, get contacts, share their posts, and thank new friends or followers and those who retweet. You also have to keep a close eye on audience statistics; ask yourself where your followers are from, how many you have, how many likes or shares you have, and how promotional codes are used after sending etc. Based on this information, we test, refine and adapt, just as Store Commander customers do on their commercial site.



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